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Sonny’s BBQ in Tifton changes to “Smokehouse Restaurant”

Thursday, January 14th, 2010
Smokehouse Restaurant Billboard (formerly Sonny's BBQ)

Smokehouse Restaurant's Billboard (formerly Sonny's BBQ

By: Selena McIntyre

After twenty two years, Bill Davis, the owner of Sonny’s BBQ in Tifton Georgia has decided to part ways with the Sonny’s BBQ franchise and to branch out on his own. His new restaurant is now called “Smokehouse Restaurant.” It is a family friendly atmosphere that supports America and God.

What caused this change?

On Sundays, former Sonny’s employees wore shirts with the American flag on it that said “I Pledge…I Pray” and Sonny’s considered this to be a dress code violation.

There is a trinket above the cash register that says “Jesus” which corporate did not approve of either. They require all Sonny’s restaurants to remain non-partisan about race, politics and religion.

Tifton’s Sonny’s BBQ franchise license expired in 2007. At this time, Sonny’s BBQ required all Sonny’s Restaurants to start selling beer, wine and whiskey. Mr. Davis did not want to do this so they gave him a two year extension to make this change. These major concerns could not be resolved so Sonny’s BBQ in Tifton closed its doors on November 30th, 2009.

Moving on…

Since then, everything has been changed to reflect the image of The Smokehouse Restaurant. We, at BPS Outdoor Media, had the pleasure of working with Mr. Davis to help him change his billboards. We support him and his decision and wish more people would be willing to stand up for what they believe in.

Get more information at:

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Advertising’s Best Kept Secret…

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

By: Selena McIntyre

With the current recession, businesses everywhere are cutting back and unfortunately, advertising is usually the first thing to go. However, most people fail to realize that when advertising decreases so do profits.

Waycross...rates need lowering?

Waycross...rates need lowering?

Marketing experts view recessions like this one as an opportunity to increase advertising and some even fill their competitors advertising spots.

One of the best kept secrets in advertising is…billboard advertising and now is the perfect time to invest in it.

Outdoor advertising costs:

  • 80% less than television advertising
  • 60% less than newspaper advertising
  • 50% less than radio advertising

Corporate Co-ops for Outdoor Advertising:

Several National Companies have Outdoor Programs set up to help pay for the monthly billboard rent and or the production. Get in touch with your Marketing Department to find out more.

Billboards reach 93% of all Americans! So don’t wait any longer, use this current recession to your advantage by stepping up your marketing and grabbing the good billboards before your competitor does.
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BPS Outdoor Media Goes GREEN!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
State Farm's eco-flexx vinyl in Jesup Georgia

State Farm's Eco-Flex Poster

30-sheet posters have seen better days as they constantly decrease to make room for the more environmental friendly “eco-poster” also known as “single sheet posters.”

These new posters are made of polyethylene (PE) susbtrates which is the most commonly recycled plastic in the world. Billboard eco-flexs are now 100% recyclable and are be used to make railroad ties.

These new single-sheet posters look just as good if not better than traditional 30-sheet posters. They’re printed with the quality of flex vinyls but are much lighter. However, eco-flexs do not last as long as a vinyls, but the prices are comparable between the two.

The “eco poster” has many advantages such as:

  • it is very lightweight
  • durable
  • can be installed in damp weather (Unlike traditional posters)
  • lasts longer than 30-sheets
  • is printed as 1 whole sheet instead of 30 separate sheets
  • can be relocated if needed
Wendy's Eco-Flex Poster

Wendy's Eco-Flex Poster

BPS currently has three clients that are taking advantage of the single sheet posters. One of these clients, State Farm, has been up for two months with out any problems and still looks great. Another client wanted to change locations of his billboard and was able to do so with the eco flex while a standard poster would not have been capable of moving since it’s glued down.

Eco-Flex Posters are the future of outdoor advertising but are still very new. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the new trend & your experiences with single-sheet posters.

For More information, please check out some other informative websites:

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Tifton’s first Hispanic Billboard!

Friday, April 10th, 2009
Insurance Unlimited's hispanic billboard

Insurance Unlimited

By: Selena McIntyre

On April 9, 2009, the very first Hispanic Billboard went up in Tifton Georgia! This billboard is located on Highway 319 South and McCormick Drive in Tifton, Georgia.

The billboard translates to “Protect your car and your pocket too.” This sign advertises for Insurance Unlimited and was designed by Progressive Insurances’s National Art Department.

There were 15,060 residents in Tifton and only 7.56% of Tifton’s population is Hispanic, according to the 2000 Census Bureau.

What do you think about this ad? Is this the sign of a new trend? How effective do you think this ad will be?

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Elementary Students Join the Fight Against AIDS

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

By: Selena McIntyre

Every year elementary students in Waycross Georgia submit anti-aids drawing to South East Georgia Rainbow Partners. Hundreds of drawings are submitted, but only two lucky winners are chosen. The drawings of these two students are transformed into billboards for the entire community to see.

The goal is to help young children learn the dangers of AIDS so they will prevent their chances of getting this deadly virus. Of course these billboards will also reach people of all ages because of their unique style.

These billboards are displayed in Waycross, Georgia for 30 days. These billboards are placed in various high traffic areas throughout Waycross to help get the message out to the public. They are located on

  • US 82 just East of Lee Avenue
  • Highway 84 east of WaycrossAIDS - Abstinence Is Definitely Smart - Billboard Art

Here’s a photograph of the billboard and a scanned version of the student’s drawing. This drawing says “Abstinence Is Definitely Smart. For more information call Rainbow Partners 912-287-6738,” The graphics on this layout is a person with mathematical formulas in the background.

AIDS: Know the facts. Your lives Depend on it.

Here is a photograph and layout of 2002′s other winner. The wording on this layout says “AIDS: Know the Facts. Your Lives Depend on it. Don’t let ignorance be the DEATH of you. For more information call Rainbow Partners 912-287-6738.” The graphics on this drawing is a tree with the “Facts About Aids” stapled to it. Two men are looking at the Aids Facts and saying “Facts? What Facts?”

It looks like both of these elementary students put a lot of time, effort, and thought into both designs. It will be interesting to see what next year’s winners will come up.

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Banning Billboards?

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
Cracker Barrel, Hampton Inn, BP, Flash Foods & Exxon Billboard

Cracker Barrel, Hampton Inn, BP, Flash Foods & Exxon Billboard

By: Selena McIntyre

Can you imagine what it would be like if you drove hundreds of miles without seeing any billboards?

Where would you eat when you got hungry? Where would you sleep?

How nervous would you get when your gas tank reached an eighth of a tank? Would you worry more when you can’t find a gas station and have no idea how far the next station is?

Think about how nice it would be to see a sign that says “Gas, Food and Lodging Ahead 1 Mile.”

If billboards are banned then you would not be fortunate enough to see any of these helpful signs.

Four states, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine & Vermont have laws that prohibit billboards!

Why would people want to get rid of billboards?

  • Some people think that billboards are an eyesore and have even compared them to graffiti!
  • Others have even argued that billboards block the sky, meadows, and lakes. However, all of these things can still be seen with or with out billboards. There are also other things that block a partial view of the sky and lake such as skyscrapers, large trees and bridges.
  • Some people think that billboards are not effective. These people have said that billboards lack the power of persuasion. If this were true, then why would you see automobiles with license plates from various states and counties every time you go to a local restaurant?
    • The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) did a study in 1999 that stated people glance at 70% of the billboards they pass and read 63%.
  • You can’t “turn off” a billboard, it’s always there. One guy feels very strongly about this and even wishes he could have a restraining order on billboards! Advertisers view this as a benefit.
  • Billboards have been referred to as “Litter on a Stick.” Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines litter as: “trash, wastepaper, or garbage lying scattered about or an untidy accumulation of objects.” Well kept billboards are not any of these things. In fact there are several different organizations (listed at the bottom of this article) that make sure all billboards are properly maintained.

Why should we keep billboards?

  • Many small businesses do not have the money to spend on television or radio commercials. Billboard advertising is the cheapest form of advertising and it reaches more people than any other form of advertising.
    • The OAAA says that 75% of billboard revenue comes from local businesses. If these businesses can’t afford to advertise than how will people find them? More importantly, how are they going to stay in business? Our unemployment rates are too high already; removing billboards will cause millions of more people to lose their jobs.
  • Millions of people travel with out knowing what hotel they will sleep in that particular night or what they will eat for supper. Billboards lead travelers to hotels and restaurants when travelers are ready for them without delaying their trip.
    • Three fourths of Americans rely on billboards to find places while they are traveling.
  • Billboards don’t just increase profits, they also help people. For example, we have done several billboards that try to convince people to stop smoking, to prevent the spread of AIDS, and offer pregnancy support.
    • Studies have shown that teens who are exposed to anti-drug ads once a day will use drugs 40% less than teens who aren’t exposed to these ads.
  • Billboards are a symbol of life. Think about it, most ads show us the newest, latest, or most current trends. By doing this, they showing us that times change and so does their product or service. Life is definitely full of changes. When you see neat, well kept billboards you know that the area you are in is not abandoned.
  • They give us information. Of course billboards help us find places and some signs tell us how much further places are. Other billboards tell us about upcoming events like concerts, conferences, and festivals. Some billboards reveal very useful information like current gas prices. Knowledge is power and the more we have, the better of we will be.
  • Not only would billboard companies and small businesses suffer from the loss of billboards, but so would the people that own the land the billboards are on. All of our landowners receive either free advertising or money for allowing us to put a billboard on their property.
    • In Tampa, Florida the value of commercial property with billboards on it is 54% higher than the value of commercial property without billboards!
  • According to the OAAA, iMapData did a study about the economical effects of Vermont and Maine after they banned billboards. When compared to all other states, the economy of both Vermont and Maine rated C- to F (A+ is the best possible rating and F- is the worst.) At the time of this study, Vermont’s tourism expenditures had steadily decreased and in 1996 was lower than it had been since 1974!

What does this mean for the outdoor advertising world?

Billboards now have stricter zoning laws that are closely monitored. All billboards must have permits displayed on them at all times. Some cities also require billboard companies to pay annual fees. Unfortunately, these additional fees can also cause the monthly rates of billboards to increase.

Find out the rules and statutes for each state at

Here are links to groups that help maintain billboards and highways:

Federal Highway Administration which strives to create the best transportation systems.

National Alliance of Highway Beautification Agencies directs and manages the states outdoor advertising.

Unites States Department of Transportation


Don’t forget the importance of billboards. Please print this article and keep it so you will know the facts when your state or county votes whether or not to ban billboards so you will make the right choice.

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Romance on Billboards?

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

By: Selena McIntyre

Romance is in the air…literally and our imaginations are running wild. Billboards have been used to get several messages out in the past, but they are currently taking on a whole new approach. One of the latest new trends is romantic billboards. Here are three great stories that express romance on billboards.

Varsha & Rohit

In August of 2003, Varsha Anand was driving home from work thinking of her fiance, Rohit. A bright yellow billboard caught her attention and made her emotions go wild. The billboard said:

“Dearest Varsha, Just thought I would let you know what I was going to do today!
Love, Rohit”

On the other side of the sign was the following:

  1. Adore you.
  2. Think of you.
  3. Think up of cute nickname for you.
  4. Bore all of my friends with endless talk about how wonderful you are.
  5. Daydream about us being together.
  6. Buy groceries (hey, I gotta eat, you know!)”

This was the same message that Rohit had emailed Varsha the previous night. The two were married later that month.


Our second romantic billboard story takes place when a girl named Julie placed her image on a billboard to help her find a date. However, Julie didn’t stop there; she actually waited on top of the billboard and would not come down until she found a date. Julie had three dates on top of the billboard and found a special man to date after she got off of the billboard.

Angel in Red

This last story is a little different than the other two because it lasted for nine weeks and had several different postings. It all started with a simple billboard that said “Angel in Red – Saw you at Garcia’s Irish Pub. Love to meet you. – William.”

The following week the same billboard was changed to say “Angel in Red – Still waiting. Garcia’s Pub. Friday? William.” By this time the public was talking about the board and waiting to see what happened between Angel & William.

Then Frankie came into the picture. He posted a message on the billboard telling William that Angel was too good for William. Of course William responded back telling Frankie to meet him at Garcia’s on Friday.

This story was gaining extreme amounts of popularity by this time. The ladies really wanted to find out who William was. They continued to call the billboard company with hopes of finding our more about William. Finally after eight weeks, Angel responded by saying “Dear William, I must be crazy. Garcia’s Friday 8:30. Angel.”

When Friday finally came, Garcia’s was extremely crowded with people that wanted to meet the modern day Romeo and Juliet. They were in luck, the couple was their dancing.

What the public did not realize was that this billboard was actually an advertising campaign and “William” and “Angel” were actors. My main points of this story are to show you how one of the latest trends was used in advertising and how effective billboard really are.

Other Romantic Billboards

Billboards have also been used to ask people to marry them, say happy anniversary, and even to announce the birth of a new child. If you look carefully, you will see romance everywhere you go, even twenty feet up in the air on a billboard.

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Positive Effects of Billboards

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

By: Selena McIntyre

When billboards were first posted they expressed artistic creativity, informed the public of current events and served as constant reminders of national products.

From the very beginning, the people did not have any idea how powerful billboards really are. Fortunately we have learned how powerful outdoor advertising is and are currently using this power to help others in several ways that are listed below.

Billboards Help Find Criminals


Twenty billboards were posted to help find a missing Ohio girl. The police received a tip from someone who saw the billboard & was able to help the police solve the case because of these billboards!

Billboards also help alert the public of kidnapped children by making them aware of the current “Amber Alerts.” The governor of Florida said that billboards were an effective way in finding missing children.

Do you remember Elizabeth Smart, the young girl that was kidnapped in Salt Lake City and finally returned home after 9 months? Billboards, fliers and commercials went out to the public with hopes of finding Elizabeth. In this case, the billboards did not bring Elizabeth home, but they did catch a lot of attention and reminded the public that she was still kidnapped. When Elizabeth safely returned home, billboards went were posted to welcome her home.

Serial Rapist:

In Miami Florida, a serial rapist was linked to seven rape cases by DNA. City officials posted billboards that had a composite sketch, clothing and jewelry that the rapist wore during his attacks and a reward posted on each board. They are hoping to alert people so they can prevent future attacks and catch this rapist.


Billboards were placed in Pittsburg Penn. to help catch a killer. These billboards helped the police bring in a suspect for a triple homicide.

Help Needy

Charities all around the U.S. have turned to billboards in order to help the needy. Billboards have helped people raise money, food, bibles, blood, clothes, and support in other emergencies.

Improve Lifestyles

The Foundation for a Better Life launched a billboard campaign right after the attacks of September 11th called “Pass It On” and this campaign is still going strong. The mission of these billboards is to promote positive values and encourage others to “pass it on.”

These billboards were posted showing celebrities, historic legends, and common people doing things that will improve our well being. Here are some examples of these billboards:

  • “Nice guys do finish first. – Class & Grace – Pass it on”
  • Winston Churchill’s photo was beside this saying “Never, never, never give up. – Commitment – Pass it on.”
  • Other billboards had a photo of a fireman and the words “When others ran out, he rushed in. – Courage – Pass it on.”

Take a look at these billboards at

Increase Health Awareness

Billboards don’t just increase profits, they also help people. For example, we have done several billboards that try to convince people to stop smoking, to prevent the spread of AIDS, and offer pregnancy support.

Major organizations are also using billboards to promote safety. People like M.A.D.D (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) have used billboards to promote safe driving.

Provide Information

Billboards provide us with helpful information. Of course billboards help us find places and some signs tell us how much further places are. Other billboards tell us about upcoming events like concerts, conferences, and festivals. Some billboards reveal useful information like current gas prices.

Knowledge is power and the more we have, the better of we will be.


Outdoor companies aren’t adding to the pollution problem, instead they are recycling vinyls and making tote bags and home-building materials.

Billboard companies are now using eco posters instead of traditional 30-sheet posters. The eco poster is made from fully recyclable polyethylene (PE) substrate and is environmentally friendly.

Show our Support


All over the United States, billboards have been posted with reminders to support our troops.

Billboards are also used to congratulate our troops and hometown heroes as well as to remind us that freedom isn’t free and that we have to fight to keep it.

The “Get Ready” campaign

This campaign informs and educates American citizens about how to protect and prepare ourselves for future terrorist attacks. Outdoor, print, radio and television ads have been developed by The Martin Agency for this campaign. For more information please visit

Sept. 11th

After the horrible attacks of September 11, 2001, billboards were posted through out the U.S. that said “In God We Trust. United We Stand.” These signs were posted in hopes of comforting us and reminding us to help one another during these horrendous attacks.

Billboards were also posted outside of the U.S. in places like Brazil and Canada to show support for Americans.

Spread Religion

Unfortunately people are not attending church as much as they did ten years ago. The Episcopal Church’s Diocese of Southern Ohio used humorous billboards to help increase attendance and rid boring, negative stereotypes. Here are some examples of their billboards:

  • “Summer sermons will be shorter. Priest golf too.”
  • Around Christmas time, “You can’t fill that empty space with fruitcake.”
  • Around Easter, “That bunny is a great guy, but where is he when you need help?”

The “God campaign”

1999 marked the start of one of the most popular campaigns ever. In Broward County, Florida billboards were posted with short, quirky lines that were based on the Ten Commandments and signed by God. These billboards were so popular that over 10,000 “messages from God” were posted on billboards through out the United States. Some examples of this campaign are:

  • We need to talk – God
  • Keep Using My Name in Vain And I’ll Make Rush Hour Longer – God
  • You Think It’s Hot Here? – God
  • That “Love Thy Neighbor” Thing, I Meant It. – God
  • Let’s Meet At My House Sunday Before the Game – God

Stop Hate Crimes

In April of 2003, The San Diego Regional Hate Crimes Coalition launched a new advertising campaign to stop hate crimes. One of these ads shows a Middle Eastern man sitting on a bed with a black eye & a bandage on his face. It says “They didn’t like my skin color. So they tried to change it.”


As you can now see, billboards have been used to help us do several important things and they can reach people when other Medias cannot.

Never underestimate the power of outdoor advertising.

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Billboard Basics

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

By: Selena McIntyre

Billboards are becoming more and more popular today. Perhaps it’s because they reach more people for cheaper prices than any other type of media. Or perhaps it’s because people are spending much more time in their vehicles now than ever before. Since billboard advertising is increasing so much, I think it is very important for all business owners and everyone involved in advertising to know the basics of billboards

Painted Billboards
painted billboard

painted billboard

Painted billboards are the oldest form of outdoor advertising. This concept originally came from the drawings on cave walls. Since the cave drawings, billboard advertising has adapted to technology and grown phenomenally.

Billboard companies use a special outdoor paint for their signs. This special paint is weather resistant, and it also has an ultra-violet absorber that will resist fading.

Painted billboards are also known as painted bulletins or paints. We recommend painted bulletins for signs that do not have complicated graphics but do have long contracts.

  • Long Lasting – Painted Bulletins can last from 12 months to 36 months.
  • Quick – On average, it takes 7 days to produce a painted bulletin.
  • Rain Resistant – Unlike vinyls or posters, the rain will not damage painted signs.

A majority of the billboards with complicated graphics have vinyls on them. These vinyls are printed on a wide format printer. All of our vinyls are protected with a special Ultra-Violet coating that allows the vinyls to last for years.

billboard with a vinyl

billboard with a vinyl

Types of Vinyls:

Adhesive – These vinyls have sticky backsides. Adhesive vinyls can be used to attach a photograph on a painted bulletin or the entire sign can have an adhesive vinyl placed on it. Since adhesive vinyls have sticky backgrounds, they cannot be moved.

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) – This is the type of vinyl that is used on tri-vision billboards. PSA’s can also be used to cover up parts of vinyls. For example, let’s say a new franchise restaurant will soon open a store in a brand-new location and they want a billboard that says “Opening Soon.” After the restaurant opens, they will want their sign to say “Now Open.” PSA’s allow us to print the vinyl with “Now Open” and print a cover that says “Opening Soon” which will be placed on the vinyl when it is first installed. When the restaurant opens, the “Opening Soon” cover can be pealed off to reveal “Now Open.” This method is a lot more time and cost effective than ordering a new vinyl.

Flex vinyls are the most common type of vinyl. These vinyls do not have sticky backs like adhesive vinyls, instead they are “hung” on the edges of the boards. Flex vinyls can be easily be moved to several different locations.

  • Long Lasting – Vinyls can last years.
  • Flex vinyls can easily be moved to several different locations
  • Your imagination (& the law) are the only limitations to what you can put on billboards with vinyls.

We recommend vinyls for detailed images like photographs of people. Below you will find examples of vinyls


Poster Panels are very common along secondary roads. Posters are very similar to wall paper. They are printed on several sheets of paper and glued on a metal faced sign. Posters are printed on paper in either 8 sheets (junior posters) or 30 sheets (10.5 feet by 22.8 feet standard posters.) Below are examples of posters.

Poster panels are also known as papers, paper bulletins,

30-sheets, or junior posters. Since posters must be installed on metal faces, you can easily identify poster signs by the thick metal frame around the edges.

30-sheet Poster Billboard

30-sheet Poster Billboard

  • Rotation – Due to weather conditions, posters only last for 30 days. This allows advertisers the opportunity to change locations and designs every 30 days.
  • Flexibility – The contracts can be long term (12 months) or short term (30 days)
  • Time Sensitive Material – Posters are great for companies that want to remind potential customers of their current specials, birthday wishes or grand openings.
Gross Rating Point (GRP)

GRP is the total number of postings in a marketing schedule versus the population. The GRP is calculated by dividing the traffic count by the population.

Posters can be purchased as 25, 50, 75, or 100 GRP (showings). For example, if you want a 50 GRP (showing), than 50% of the population should see your billboards every single day.

Studies have shown that in a 100 showing, advertisers can reach 88% of the adults 28 times a month. In a 50 showing, advertisers can reach 83% of adults 15 times a month.

Common Billboard Terms

Spectaculars – stacked billboards or when two billboard faces that are on top of each other are combined to make one big billboard. Below you will find an example of a spectacular

Copy – All wording (text) on billboards

Bleed – The edges of a flex vinyl that is used to wrap around the sides of the board. We normally use a 6″ bleed with 4″ pockets on our vinyls.

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Is Technology killing an old Billboard Trend?

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

By: Selena McIntyre

These days everyone’s talking about how great technology is and how much more advanced billboards have become and continue to become. Billboard art used to be much more difficult to produce than it is today because it was hand drawn and hand painted on each and every billboard.

Not to long ago billboards were still painted, but now most of them have computer generated vinyls and posters on them. However, painted bulletins haven’t completely disappeared. We (BPS Outdoor Advertising) still use them and will continue to do so in the future (of course we like vinyls and posters and use all three methods of advertising.)

So why would a company want to be behind in technology by still using painted bulletins?

There are many reasons painted bulletins are still good, some of which have kept them around for so long. Here are some benefits of painted:

  • Cost Efficient – They’re cheaper than computer generated vinyls. And, there’s no installation cost, just the cost to have a billboard painted.
  • Faster than vinyls – If you don’t own a big vinyl printer (which most small to mid-size billboard companies don’t) than painted bulletins can be faster than waiting for a proof from a vinyl company and waiting for them to ship it to you.
  • Easier to maintain – It is easier to make changes to a design with a painted billboard than a vinyl. The cost to change a vinyl is also more.
  • Additional advertising option – Painted bulletins are an additional option that most companies no longer offer, or are trying to omit.
  • Long Lasting – Painted Bulletins can last as long as regular vinyls.
  • Quick – On average, it takes 7 days to produce a painted bulletin.
  • Rain Resistant – Unlike posters, the rain will not damage painted signs.

Despite what some people may think, painted billboards are not limited to certain fonts, colors or graphics. They are only limited to what the sign painter can paint.

Billboard Painters

Of course good help is hard to find and finding a good sign painter is a very tough task since there are so few left. We at BPS are very lucky to have not one, but two talented painters working for us.

Our sign painters have surprised us many of times on the things that they can paint and continue to do so. For example, our painters have actually painted a trailer, animals, cartoon people, food, logos, large shoes, and much more.

How exactly are billboard painted?

Today painted bulletins are usually drawn on a computer and scaled out so it can be blown up with a transparency machine than drawn onto a pattern. The pattern is then hung over the billboard and the painting begins.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

painted billboard

painted billboard

Of course this statement is true with all pictures, so I’m going to let these billboard pictures speak for themselves. Here are some examples of billboards we’ve painted.

Painted billboard

Painted billboard

Are painted bulletins dying a slow death?

Technology is improving everyday and will continue to do so. With all that’s been said and done, I can honestly say that we are one of the few billboard companies that are lucky enough to still paint billboards, use vinyls and posters.

Sadly, I do believe that technology is killing the long-time-billboard-trend of painted bulletins, maybe because the possibilities with computer generated ads are endless or maybe it’s because it’s too hard to find a good billboard painter.

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