BPS Outdoor Media Goes GREEN!

State Farm's eco-flexx vinyl in Jesup Georgia

State Farm's Eco-Flex Poster

30-sheet posters have seen better days as they constantly decrease to make room for the more environmental friendly “eco-poster” also known as “single sheet posters.”

These new posters are made of polyethylene (PE) susbtrates which is the most commonly recycled plastic in the world. Billboard eco-flexs are now 100% recyclable and are be used to make railroad ties.

These new single-sheet posters look just as good if not better than traditional 30-sheet posters. They’re printed with the quality of flex vinyls but are much lighter. However, eco-flexs do not last as long as a vinyls, but the prices are comparable between the two.

The “eco poster” has many advantages such as:

  • it is very lightweight
  • durable
  • can be installed in damp weather (Unlike traditional posters)
  • lasts longer than 30-sheets
  • is printed as 1 whole sheet instead of 30 separate sheets
  • can be relocated if needed
Wendy's Eco-Flex Poster

Wendy's Eco-Flex Poster

BPS currently has three clients that are taking advantage of the single sheet posters. One of these clients, State Farm, has been up for two months with out any problems and still looks great. Another client wanted to change locations of his billboard and was able to do so with the eco flex while a standard poster would not have been capable of moving since it’s glued down.

Eco-Flex Posters are the future of outdoor advertising but are still very new. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the new trend & your experiences with single-sheet posters.

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  1. BPS Outdoor Media Blog » Blog Archive » Positive Effects of Billboards Says:

    [...] companies are now using eco posters instead of traditional 30-sheet posters. The eco poster is made from fully recyclable polyethylene [...]

  2. Hassan Wibbens Says:

    Restoration can dramatically improve the appearance of a poster. Damage caused by clear adhesive tape, residual stains, water marks and dirt can be easily repaired; combining this with the replacement of lost paper can bring the poster back to virtually its original state.

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