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After a long, long break, our billboard newsletter, Outdoor Advertising Trends, is back. Subscribe today and you will get information about:

  • advertising and marketing tips and trends
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Outdoor Advertising Trends has a brand new design and some new features like:

Feature Billboard(s):

In the past we listed all of our available billboards & gave brief information about them. Now we will focus on a few billboards of the best signs that have just become available for rent. These billboards will still have advertisers on them so this newsletter will be the only way you’ll know of the signs availability. Use this feature to your advantage to grab the sign before your competitor does.

We will also include more detailed information about the featured billboards like:

  • DEC’s
  • Rates
  • Photos
  • Location Description and size
  • Contact information for the salesmen in charge of the billboard.

Articles / Blog Posts:

Over many years (even decades) we have learned many different tips and advertising/design techniques that can save you time and money. As advertising changes now and in the future, we use our experiences, our clients experiences, education, and advertising knowledge to keep you updated to the industry changes and things we learn.

Some of our articles have been featured in:


  • Outdoor Advertising Magazine
  • Outdoor~Today
  • B&B – The Spirit of Civilization Magazine




We were interviewed by Winston Marsh in July 2006 about billboards, designs, and colors to use & not use on billboards.

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