Advertising’s Best Kept Secret…

By: Selena McIntyre

With the current recession, businesses everywhere are cutting back and unfortunately, advertising is usually the first thing to go. However, most people fail to realize that when advertising decreases so do profits.

Waycross...rates need lowering?

Waycross...rates need lowering?

Marketing experts view recessions like this one as an opportunity to increase advertising and some even fill their competitors advertising spots.

One of the best kept secrets in advertising is…billboard advertising and now is the perfect time to invest in it.

Outdoor advertising costs:

  • 80% less than television advertising
  • 60% less than newspaper advertising
  • 50% less than radio advertising

Corporate Co-ops for Outdoor Advertising:

Several National Companies have Outdoor Programs set up to help pay for the monthly billboard rent and or the production. Get in touch with your Marketing Department to find out more.

Billboards reach 93% of all Americans! So don’t wait any longer, use this current recession to your advantage by stepping up your marketing and grabbing the good billboards before your competitor does.
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