Marketing Strategy involves Social Marketing!

BPS Outdoor Media steps up our marketing strategy by joining several popular Social Marketing Sites!

What’s all the hype about anyway?


Social Marketing sites allow us to connect to people all over the world! Sure you can connect with people on-line via your company website and email, but social marketing sites take it much deeper than that.

You can easily find:

  • old classmates
  • people and businesses in a certain area
  • business colleges
  • people with the same interests and hobbies

Keeping in touch and sharing things is fast & easy. You just update your “status” and all of your friends can see it and comment on it.

Share Photos:

Most social marketing sites also allow you to post your own photos to share too. BPS has several billboard photos already posted.

Social Marketing Uses:

  • Blog Posts: Post your latest blog entry on your social marketing sites & link it to your web page. Some sites automatically do this for you.
  • Industry Related News / Trends: Share anything useful with your friends whether it’s a link to a web page, interesting article you read or video you like.
  • Share Thoughts & Photos: Be different from your company website: Let your friends get to know you & your personality. Share things that you like & find interesting- you may find out that you have more in common with your friends than you knew.
  • Discussions: Want to see what people think about an hot industry topic? Post a discussion on your social marketing site.
  • Events & Special Promotions: You can keep all of your friend informed of all of your special events, sales, grand opening, new store locations, and much more. With facebook, you can even sent out electronic invitations to all of your friends or a selection of them.

Social Marketing Sites:

Here are some popular social marketing sites that we (BPS Outdoor Media) are listed on. Please take a look at our social marketing web pages & join us by becoming our friend.

Question: Do you use any of these social marketing sites in your advertising? If so, which ones do you use & why?

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