Copyright Violation! My Content Was Stolen!

I am outraged right now! It was just brought to my attention that another website has stolen one of my articles and is not referencing me, the original author, at all!

I found out because my article, How to Start an Advertising Campaign, just got denied from a ezine -article website because they said it wasn’t original content! Now I look like the thief and I am being penalized when I am a victim of plagiarism.

I worked really hard on this article & all of the others too & I would never dream of stealing someone else’s work & can’t imagine that someone else would do that, but they did.

I emailed this company and demanded that they remove my content immediately.

The scary thing is that it’s so easy for anyone to steal copy from another website & use as their own. Which leads me to many questions:

  • How can you prove who the original author is?
  • How can I prevent this from happening again?
  • How do you know when someone is illegally using your content?

Has anyone had a similar problem? What did you to resolve the issue?

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  1. Chris Says:

    Well it’s a shame but it’s suprising that you mention this as though it’s unheard of. The reality is that when you put content out there it is available for both plagiarism as well as negative comment and feedback. In this case not only have they taken the content but you have created an inbound link and attention to their site, which is good for seo…unfortunately there’s not likely a win in it for you

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